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Purdue Football Recruiting: The Scholarship Grid

A guide to how many open spots are available when it comes to Purdue football recruiting.

Kirk Irwin

The scholarship grid for basketball has become a very popular feature at the site, so I decided to expand on it. Football has 85 scholarships and even then, walk-ons make a big contribution. If you're wondering how big Purdue's 2014 football recruiting class can be, here is your answer.


Now, some notes:

  • All of the players listed on scholarship this coming season come from GBI's glassy season preview issue.
  • Purdue is currently one scholarship over for this fall, so a greyshirt of an incoming freshman is very possible unless someone does not make grades.
  • Part of the reason is that former walk-ons Landon Feichter and Dolapo Macarthy are now officially on scholarship.
  • Expected contributors Sam McCartney and Kurt Freytag are not on scholarship.
  • Counting the seven committed players for 2014 there are 11 spots left assuming there is no other attrition from projected 2014 returning players.
  • No, I have no idea what the Brandon Garner situation is. He says he is committed, GBI does not recognize the commitment.
  • Many of the true freshmen this year will likely redshirt and move forward a spot into the 2017 season, but some will not.
  • Purdue is extremely young with 30 scholarship freshmen of either the redshirt or true variety.
  • A total of 19 players have already played at least a full season, but still have their redshirt year available in case of injury.