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An Interview With Purdue Commit David Blough

The Elite 11 QB in the class of 2014 spoke with Evan Massey about his commitment to Purdue.

Today brings us another interview with an incoming Purdue commitment for football, as Evan Massey was kind enough to chat with David Blough about his recent commitment to the Boilermakers.

Evan: Thanks for joining us today David, how are you doing?

David: Great! I'm preparing for a 7-on-7 tournament with some of my team!

Evan: What made you choose to sign with Purdue?

David: The family atmosphere. Coach Shoop and Coach Hazell really were excited about me. The connection and offense I'll get to play in fits who I am. The tradition of great quarterback play at Purdue is something I want to be a part of.

Evan: What would you tell the fans to expect from you on the field at Purdue?

David: A fierce competitor. Someone who will lay it all on the line for the team.

Evan: What do you think is the aspect of your game that needs to improve the most?

David: The part of my game that needs the most improvement is just letting my athleticism take over. Not try to be so fundamental sometimes and just play the game.

Evan: Do you know any NFL players? Are you close with any other D1 players?

David: Jeremy Beal who plays for the Broncos and Travis Wilson who played in Cleveland and Dallas. Chris Weatherd is committed to Tennessee who played on my team two years ago. Ryan Russell is a starter at Purdue who went to my High School. I train with former Aggie Kevin Murray and have met a lot of college QB's.

Evan: Do you have a current NFL or college QB that you would compare your game to?

David: I try to take bits and pieces from everyone. I'll say Drew Brees, trying to get the mental aspect of Peyton Manning.

Evan: What would you say is your "career highlight" so far? One play or game that stands out.

David: To this point making the Elite 11 finals.

Evan: What do you enjoy doing off the field? Who's your favorite comedian?

David: I play ping pong and chess. I honestly don't watch much comedy but I'll say Dane Cook.

Evan: Who would you say has made the biggest impact on your career to this point?

David: To this point, my mom, dad, Coach Rob Paschall (our offensive coordinator), coach Kevin Murray (QB coach), and Andre Ruiz.

Evan: What would you tell a young player with D1 dreams to do?

David: To never, never, never give up. Not to care about who's watching.