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Purdue Football Entrance Interview: Johnny Daniels

The incoming defensive tackle speaks with Evan Massey about his upcoming arrival at Purdue.

Evan Massey continues to be a great asset here, as he has been able to make connections with multiple incoming recruits for interviews. In the most recent interview he spoke with incoming defensive tackle Johnny Daniels.

Evan: What made you choose to sign with the Boilermakers?

Johnny: The coaching staff came off as "trustworthy" to me. I've heard about Coach Hazel and his previous success at Kent and how they were a rising talent, and I could relate, so that's another one. Then Purdue made me feel like I could grow not only as a good player, but a successful student and man as well.

Evan: What do you feel is the main area that you need to work on?

Johnny: Staying low and I'm not satisfied with my leg strength.

Evan: What can fans expect to see from you out there on the field?

Johnny: Pretty quick off the line, good pass rusher, been told I'm a great run stopper, and my speed is what's going to help me a lot.

Evan: What was the recruiting process like for you? What other schools showed interest?

Johnny: It was the greatest experience as an athlete. I learned a lot about myself because I'm the first D1 football player ever from my school, so no one was there to help me through it, but it was awesome. The first school was Wisconsin, then every college in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Western Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa State, Western Kentucky, Iowa, Middle Tennessee, Harvard, and a few more.

Evan: Are you close with any of your Purdue teammates in particular? Any guys from other schools?

Johnny: Yes. Antoine Lewis who's a junior DB is my cousin and Duwann Hunte is my guy too. My best friend plays D3 football at Carthage University, his name is Michael Hill. He's going to try to get into Purdue in two years and my other best friend is named Joe Mathis. He'll be playing for Washington University next fall.

Evan: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you play any video games in your spare time?

Johnny: I listen to a lot of rap, R&B, some gospel and yes! I'm the GOD at madden and 2k. Anybody can lose when ready.

Evan: Do you have a current NFL or college player that you would compare your game to?

Johnny: From what I can see, and I don't think comparisons are fair. I think right now my game is similar to former Chicago Bear Isreal Idonija because of my versatility and athleticism. I have been fortunate in High School to have played significant snaps at the 1, 5, and 3 techniques. As fr as traits go, I think I play the run well, and have the ability in passing situations to be disruptive with my hands...whether it's affecting the passing game with my rush or getting my hands up to bat down balls in the quick game. I can't wait to get on campus and be around my teammates, coaches, and the Purdue family so that I can continue to grow as a young man and football player.

Evan: Have have the Purdue fans treated you since your commitment to the team?

Johnny: Man, they've showed so much love and excitement for me and the rest of the class to arrive!

Evan: If you were speaking with a young football player with dreams of playing D1, what would you tell him to do?

Johnny: First thing I'd tell him is to eliminate ALL negative distractions as soon as possible! I'd also tell him to make sure his core GPA is at least 3.0 or higher. I'd tell him to always try and be a standout in a crowd. If it's a bad crowd, do great, and if it's a great crowd, be greater! Always keep his faith in God and family, and DESTROY anything that's trying to guard him on the field. Never let a soul tell him what he can't do.