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NCAA Football 14: Top 10 Purdue Player Ratings Revealed

With NCAA '14 coming out soon, here are the top rated players in the game for Purdue.

NCAA '14 comes out from EA Sports next week and one of the fun things about the game is that you can go in and add the actual player names to play with instead of just generic QB #15. On most of the teams the rankings are relative accurate, but the top player is a bit of a surprise. he also happens to be today's featured player in the countdown to the season opener.

Trevor Foy - Sr.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky (St. Xavier)

6'7", 300 pounds

Offensive Tackle

2013 projection: Starter on Offensive Line

Trevor Foy gets the honor of being the highest rated player in the game for Purdue with a 92. He is the only Purdue player with a rating over 90, which is not much of a surprise considering where we are picked to finish this season. He has been an Academic all-Big Ten performer the last three seasons and started the last nine games of 2011 including the Little Caesar's bowl. This year he is expected to bring consistency to Purdue's line as a third year starter protecting the edge.

As for the rest of the top 10, here they are in order:

Landon Feichter - Safety - 88 - A bit of a surprise at safety, but he did lead Purdue in tackles and the Big Ten in interceptions with four.

Ryan Russell - Defensive End - 87 - This one is not a surprise as big things are expected from him. I probably would have had him No. 1.

O.J. Ross - Wide Receiver - 86 - Not bad for a guy currently kicked off the team and highly unlikely to return.

Ricardo Allen - Cornerback - 85 - For the second year in a row Allen is underrated. I would have had him behind Russell as No. 2.

Bruce Gaston - Defensive Tackle - 85 - He would be my No. 3

Rob Henry - Quarterback - 85 - His speed is decent for a QB, but I can't see his throwing stats.

Will Lucas - Linebacker - 84 - Probably appropriate for Purdue's best linebacker.

Cody Webster - Punter - 83 - You don't mess with our punters, especially when they run TWO fake punts in one bowl game.

Gary Bush - Wide Receiver - 83 - I would have had Bush higher since he has the best stats of a returning receiver.

Notable absences in the top 10:

Akeem Hunt - This is what happens when the Nordfense doesn't use a player enough.

Raheem Mostert - I want to see his speed rating alone.