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78 Days to Purdue Football: Trevor Foy

Foy is projected to be a senior starter at Offensive tackle in 2013.

The countdown continues with a key anchor to our offensive line who will be needed this year to protect whomever plays quarterback for the Boilers.

Trevor Foy - Senior (RS)

Hometown: Louisville, KY (St. Xavier HS)

Offensive Tackle

6'7" 300 pounds

2013 Projection: Starter at offensive tackle.

Foy took the reigns in 2011 as one of Purdue's starters in the trenches as an offensive tackle, and since then has molded into a wall of a blocker. He enters this season as one of our best blockers and leaders on the offensive line. Some say that his blocking is comparable to a girl who's had way too much to drink and keeps asking her hot friend to come home even though she's talking to a dude but the hot girl obviously goes with her friend, leaving the dude pancaked on the ground like a helpless defensive end. I believe that was in some AP story, or something.

Anyway, Foy originally came to Purdue as a fantastic defensive end. He was on a nationally ranked high school program, and nominated to multiple all-state teams, including the Associated Press' all state team in Kentucky. It seems like Foy could have blossomed into an incredibly defensive end with his high school numbers, but Hope believed he could be more beneficial on the offensive end of the ball. Turns out Hope was right about something...for once (still bitter about everything Hope).

Foy started in 11 games in 2011, helping block for an offense that produced 11 100+ yard rushing games. Foy started in all the games last season, where the offense produced 10 100+ yard games.

He's proven to be a solid OT over his time at Purdue, and Coach Hazell will ask Foy for one more season of run and pass blocking. Foy will enter the season as a lock at OT, and will be one of the veteran leaders on this team.