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81 Days to Purdue Football: Sterling Carter

The Countdown continues with a key contributor at Tight End

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Junior College transfers are pretty hit or miss, for the most part. Some blossom into key players on a team, where others fall in the cracks and struggle to find playing time. Purdue has a history of successful tight ends, and is always pretty deep at the position. However, Sterling Carter has managed to find a role with this Boilermaker squad and will continue to fight for minutes.

Sterling Carter - Sr.

Hometown: Torrence, CA (Los Angeles Harbor CC)

Tight End

6'5", 250 pounds

2013 Projection: Reserve at tight end, contributor to special teams.

With more polished offensive players in front of him, like Gabe Holmes and Carlos Carvajal, Carter has been used as a blocking tight end instead of a receiving; an area that he has done great in since joining Purdue.

Carter came to Purdue in the spring of 2011 as a transfer from Los Angeles Harbor CC, and begin his role as one of our better blockers at the TE position. Since being at Purdue, Carter has yet to record any sort of offensive statistics.

It's hard to say what Coach Hazell will do with Carter, as he brings a different system to this team. But most likely he will stick with Carter being a leading blocker at the TE spot and keep going with players like Holmes and Carvajal on the receiving end.