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2013 Purdue Football: Boilers Get No Primetime BTN Games

Purdue will not play under the bright lights of the Big Ten Network in Prime time in 2013.


This should come as no surprise, but Purdue was not included in any of the prime time football games announced by the Big Ten Network this coming fall. The Network continues to expand its coverage and reach with night games, but Purdue is still ont he outside looking in, having not played in a prime time BTN game since 2010 at Northwestern. Why? BECAUSE OUR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR IS TOO CHEAP TO JOIN THE 21ST CENTURY AND ADD PERMANENT LIGHT LIKE THE REST OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Naturally, this will be an issue as long as Purdue remains as one of a handful of football programs without permanent lights at its football stadium. The majority of those teams (Purdue, Ohio state, Michigan State, Northwestern and Iowa) reside in the Big Ten with the number jumping to nine of 14 members with permanent light sin 2014 when Rutgers and Maryland come in. By comparison, the only other BCS conference school I know for sure without permanent lights is Boston College.

So Purdue will soldier on, blissfully with its head in the sand while OSU, MSU, Iowa, and Northwestern will at least pitch in for temporary lights now and then. Purdue will continue to have ABC/ESPN pay for the lights every two years when Notre Dame comes to town and the occasional other game. We're in a crossroads because as long as four other conference members also refuse lights we'll never be forced to move circa Wrigley Field in 1988.

Here is the full list of BTN prime time games. it should be noted that for BTN prime time games the schools pick up the cost of temporary lighting, but for ESPN/ABC it goes to those networks:

BTN Primetime Schedule (all times Eastern)

Thursday, August 29

  • 7 PM – UNLV at Minnesota

Friday, August 30

  • 8 PM – Western Michigan at Michigan State

Saturday, August 31

  • 8 PM – Wyoming at Nebraska

Saturday, September 7

  • 6 PM – Syracuse at Northwestern
  • 6 PM – Southern Miss at Nebraska

Saturday, September 14

  • 6 PM – UCF at Penn State
  • 6 PM – Washington vs. Illinois (at Soldier Field)
  • 9 PM – Western Michigan at Northwestern

Saturday, September 21

  • 8 PM – Missouri at Indiana

Saturday, October 19

  • 8 PM – Wisconsin at Illinois

Regional Coverage

Thursday, Aug. 29

  • 7 PM – Indiana State at Indiana

Saturday, September 7

  • 6 PM – Navy at Indiana

How is a crappy program like Indiana on here three times? BECAUSE THEY HAVE LIGHTS AND REALIZE IT IS A BENEFIT TO EXPOSURE!!!!!!