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Purdue Scholarship Grid: Updated With Dakota Mathias

The first commitment for the class of 2014 is on the board.

With the commitment of Dakota Mathias as the first player in the 2014 class that means it is time to update the scholarship grips. At minimum, Purdue had two scholarships to hand out for the class of 2014 before Mathias' commitment. It is now down to one minimum depending on what happened with the three open spots for 2013-14.

Painter still as three spots open to hand out to a JuCo, a fifth-year transfer, or a spring commitment to a late bloomer like Austin Karazsia (whom is still a favorite of mine). Errick Peck, if he comes on board, would only count toward the 2013-14 season and therefore assure that Purdue would have at least two more open spots for people like Vince Edwards and Tyler Ulis.

Mathias could be the first domino to fall. Here are some other players that Purdue looked at this weekend in Ft. Wayne as the Spiece event:

Steve McElvene - I mentioned this big man back in march after his very impressive performance in two games at the Marion Regional. It appears the interest from Purdue is now official:

Purdue needs to get after this kid. He is a talented big man that is blowing up after that Marion Regional performance. He has also slimmed down from 315 pounds to 260. Purdue needs to get on this kid early because he is a big make with a deft touch and he is not afraid to play with contact.

Vince Edwards - Since Mathias is an Ohio native as well, does this bode well for Edwards? They do apparently talk on Twitter. A three-man 2014 class of Mathias, Edwards, and McElvene would be very nice.

P.J. Thompson - Thompson was a player that I saw twice last season and Purdue seems to have a decent amount of interest in him. He is a 2014 point guard from Brebeuf here in Indianapolis, but I fear his size could be a concern. He is only 5'10" 155 pounds, but there are some LewJack comparisons here. He was very impressive in a come-from-behind win for Brebeuf at Lebanon where he pretty much took over the fourth quarter with his speed and ability to get to the basket. He's a fearless player that would be an interesting addition if Purdue is wanting a point guard.