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Boilermakings Is Celebrating Purdue Week

Purdue sports news, notes, and links for May 31

Jamie Sabau

It is Purdue week over at Off Tackle Empire, so they have been churning out great content all week to lead off the links:

Spring-ing to the Top: The Very Early Best of the Best Defensive Backs in the B1G - Off Tackle Empire
Almost coming in for a landing with the 2013 Best of the Best previews. Today we look at Defensive Backs and find a lot of talent where you expect it, and a little bit where you might not. The Best of the Best DB's in the B1G are all here.

B1G 2013 // Purdue Cocktail Party Preview - Off Tackle Empire
You've been waiting a whole year, and now it's time! Off Tackle Empire's B1G 2013 Purdue week! Wait, where are you going? Please come back and read the preview.

B1G 2013 // Purdue's Smartest Guys in the Room - Off Tackle Empire
Purdue has all new coaches this year. This is an exciting development. Let's learn about some of them!

B1G 2013 // Boilermaker Board Games - Off Tackle Empire
All around the world, people are going crazy for board games. The Purdue Athletic Department is trying to cash in on the board game craze, so they decided to make some Purdue branded board games. Here they are!

B1G 2013 // OTE's Purdue Potluck: Yawn.....Who Are We Talking About Again? - Off Tackle Empire
The OTE staff discuss Purdue football....which is not all that interesting at the moment.

Hammerheads’ Closer breezing through Florida State League " (User story from Nick Kappel)
It’s been less than a year since Nick Wittgren was drafted in the ninth round by the Miami Marlins. And in that time, he’s done nothing but impress.

Badger Bits: Big Ten opposes recruiting deregulation, invites even more scrutiny - Bucky's 5th Quarter
An Iowa Gazette report revealed the Big Ten's opposition to proposed NCAA recruiting deregulation proposals and made a messy week even messier for the conference.

State of the Union: Big Ten Recruiting Roundup 5.30.13 - Black Shoe Diaries

Dienhart: Which Big Ten team tops our RB ratings? " Big Ten Network
Great, Purdue has the worst backfield in the Big Ten, apparently. Once again, Akeem Hunt and Brandon Cottom are underrated and were criminally underused.

A history of #AMSUOLHG and its future - The Only Colors
Offensive linemen drop like flies. a new god for the Big Ten pantheon

Rutgers, Julie Hermann controversy now a Big Ten issue - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Rutgers President Robert Barchi has said the newly hired athletic director will keep her job, further muddying the university's' transition into the Big Ten. Can the conference do anything about it?