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96 Days to Purdue Football: Ryan DeBusk

Hey, depth is a wonderful thing

Ryan DeBusk - Fr. (RS)

Hometown: Atascadero, CA (Atascadero)

Defensive End

6'1", 235 pounds

2013 Projection: Deep reserve at defensive end.

I'm going to be honest with you, I don't know much of anything about Mr. DeBusk, but he's on the team so he deserves our attention today. From what I can gather, he played both offensive and defensive line in high school out in California, and was a good player in his conference. Outside of that, details are rather sketchy. He's now listed solely as a defensive end, but at the very least he seems to have bulked up some since high school and with the guys we have up front right now he'll have some talented players to learn from and play with for the next few years.

In the meantime, I did find his high school recruiting video, so I invite anyone who wants to learn more to watch it--or if you like Kenny Chesney music set to high school football, go right ahead as well.

(As an aside, if anyone knows more about Ryan, please post it in the comments, because I don't want to do him any injustice)