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H&R Exclusive Interview With Keyante Green

Incoming running back Keyante Green spoke with Evan Massey about the coming season.

Photo courtesy of the Henry Herald
Photo courtesy of the Henry Herald

Reader and journalist Evan Massey e-mailed me earlier this week asking if I would be interested in a series of entrance interviews from some incoming Purdue football recruits. Naturally, I was happy to take advantage. Evan was able to interview three incoming football players and I will be publishing them as the week goes on.

First up in incoming four-star running back Keyante Green, who could play immediately this fall:

Evan: What made you choose to sign with Purdue? What made them the right fit for you?

Keyante: When I went there and met wit the players, I just felt home with the guys, and when they got a new coach and I met and talked with him, I just felt like God has meant for me to be at Purdue.

Evan: For those not familiar with your game, what can we expect to see from you on the field?

Keyante: I'm physical. You won't seeme juke or anything like that. You will see me stiff arm a couple of people but I'm just physical and you won't see my try to run away from people that are bigger than me. I will consistently try to run them over.

Evan: Purdue has had a rough past couple of seasons. What do you think you guys need to do to get back on top of the Big Ten?

Keyante: I just think Coach Hazzell knows what he is doing, and as long as we buy in and do what he tells us to do, we will be fine with everything. Take each game one by one. I have talked to some of the players and we plan on doing extra work because people doubt us and we will show them what we are made of this season.

Evan: What would you say are your individual and team goals for your career with the Boilermakers?

Keyante: When I get there my goal is to rush for a thousand yards per season, and win as many games as possible. Get us to the Rose Bowl again.

Evan: Who would you say has made the biggest impact on your career to help get you to this point?

Keyante: My coach. He is such an influence on my life letting me know that pain is temporary, and working to be the best I can. Because he was a center at the citadel, and earned a spot and didn't let anyone take that from him because he worked hard.

Evan: How has your Christianity affected your career?

Keyante: Very, very positive. It makes me focus on the very important things in life like school, and keep me on the right track with life overall. Like drugs and etc...I really use God in everything I do. He is the ultimate purpose on why I like to work hard.

Evan: What do you like to do in your free time? Favorite music artists?

Keyante: I either like to hang out with my girlfriend or friends, go eat out or movies, and stuff like that either way to have a bonding time with my friends. My favorite artist I will have to say is Hillsong United off of Christian music...and Kid Cudi, haha.

Evan: What would you say is the one area that you need to improve in most to be the best you can be?

Keyante: Speed. If I get my speed down I will be good.