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Sandi Marcius Commits To DePaul

The Fifth-year player is now officially gone.


While there was a small chance Sandi Marcius would return for his final season after announcing he was seeking a transfer, we all knew that was a very small chance. That chance is now nil as he is officially off to DePaul and our friends at Big East Couast Bias.

This is honestly a baffling move. Purdue wasn't exactly great last year, but there was a lot of promise heading into 2013-14 both because of the returning experience and a weaker Big Ten after so many players left for the NBA. Sandi was going to play a lot next year and had shown he can play in this league after one of his biggest games came against Michigan, who only reached the title game. With Sandi, Purdue was a legitimate threat to make the NCAA Tournament.

Now he goes to a moribund DePaul team for a year. DePaul hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 2004 and was 11-21 last year. They were dead last in the Big East at 2-16. This followed seasons of 3-15 and 1-17, 1-17, and even an 0-18.

The Blue Demons are awful, but I guess is The Chooch wants to start he'll find a place to do so. Instead of being a key role player on a good team he can be a star on a very crappy team.

Good luck, Sandi. I can't say this isn't a confusing decision, but we will miss you.