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Purdue Football Season Ticket Sales Pass Last Year

Purdue has already sold more season tickets than last season.

It will no doubt anger Danny Hope, but the hiring of Darrell Hazell has had a positive effect on the bottom line at Purdue. While the new hire is no doubt part of it, a schedule that includes Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Nebraska on it also had a large effect in the fact that Purdue has already sold more season tickets this year than last.

As May 10th, Purdue had sold 23,100 season tickets to the public, of which 5,406 were new accounts. Last season there were only 20,880 season tickets sold despite Purdue being considered a dark horse contender in its division. There were also only 1,641 new accounts.

As I said, the schedule could have something to do with it. it is not uncommon for fans of a visiting team to buy full season tickets at a school like Purdue, where you don't need to make a donation and can get a full season for something like $125 when a marquee game like Notre Dame can be over $70 for that game alone. At that point it almost makes sense for fans to buy a cheap full season ticket and sell the others.

So there are probably a few that did that (I have done it once before to see a game and made all my money back, so the game I wanted to go to was free), but the hiring of Hazell also has an effect.

Of the 23,100 I have already purchased my two, so why don't you do the same? I won't get to up my order until next year when Dillon needs one.