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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Evan Gordon Moving On?

Purdue may be out of the running when it comes to the one-year Arizona State transfer.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

This is just a quick update not about Errick Peck, but about another one-year transfer looking to play closer to his Indianapolis home. Evan Gordon, the younger brother of Eric Gordon and older brother of 2016 high priority target Eron Gordon, is considering Purdue, Indiana, and Butler after graduating from Arizona State. It looks like Purdue may be out of the running:

So there you have it. Over a series of tweets it looks like the three has been narrowed down to two in Butler and Indiana. Naturally, this has IU fans feeling their oats:

Yeah, and that school is Butler, who has had far more national success of late than anyone else in the state.

Whatever he chooses, I wish him well. It seems like he is a bright young man who wants to use this opportunity to get a head start on a graduate degree with a career goal in mind. That is far more important than any basketball games and I cannot criticize that at all.