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2013-14 Purdue Basketball Schedule: Big Ten Releases Single-Play Opponents

The news is not good about the four teams Purdue will only play once during the 2013-14 Basketball season.

yeah, Delaney needs to GTFO
yeah, Delaney needs to GTFO

Get ready for an absolute metric truckload of horse crap.

The Big Ten released the single play opponents for the 2013-14 basketball season, the last one in which there will only be 12 Big Ten teams. Once again, the conference offices were completely and utterly stupid in what they failed to do:

Yes, Purdue and Indiana, arguably the most tense rivalry in the conference when it comes to basketball over several decades, will only play once. this is the fifth time the league has been dumb enough to have them play only once too, as they did it in 2001-02 (when I was a senior, costing me a home game against IU AS A SENIOR!), 2002-03, 2007-08, and 2008-09. In 2002-03 the teams played a second game in Indianapolis at the RCA Dome as the "Duel in the Dome", but unless they hastily re-organize the Crossroads Classic and make Butler and Notre Dame play each other which they should) The Boilermakers and Hoosiers only play once.

At least it is in West Lafayette.

We catch a break getting Michigan State and a rising Iowa team only once. it also means two games each against Northwestern, Penn State, and Nebraska, whom Purdue finished ahead of last season. Still, not only does this deny Purdue another strong game on the road, it is ridiculous that two bitter rivals that sell out every game against each other will only play once. People complained 10 years ago when it happened. They complained five years ago. You would think the league would not be this stupid.

Then again, I give you adding Rutgers and Maryland.

At least now I have absolutely zero reason to torture myself by watching a single second of basketball in Bloomington this winter. Also, the league was dumb enough to have Michigan and Ohio State only play once:

This is different though. That is mostly a football rivalry. Indiana vs. Purdue in basketball is part of this state's identity and lifeblood. You are raised on one side or the other if you grow up here and you wait for those two winter nights when everything is on the line.

Thank you, Big Ten. Way to screw it up.