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2013 NCAA Championship Open Thread: Michigan Vs. Louisville

Talk about tonight's national championship game here.

Streeter Lecka

The wild and crazy 2012-13 NCAA season will crown its best team tonight as Michigan takes on Louisville. Both teams were projected at the beginning of the season as candidates to make it here, but the journey has been strange. one lost to the last place team in the toughest conference in America. The other lost a bizarre five overtime game when a little used reserve that played in a Final Four for Michigan's archrival four years ago scored 17 points, all in the overtimes. Louisville had five losses, all to NCAA teams Michigan hasn't lost to a non-Big Ten team all year, but lost to Penn State and twice trailed our own Boilermakers at halftime.

Both teams are loaded with talent and deserving of tonight's title. It will also decide the winner of the Hammer & Rails Tournament Challenge. If Lousiville wins current leader PurduePharmJack1 will win the free T-Shirt. If Michigan wins it goes to durica3 on a late comeback from 8th place currently.

This is the place to talk about tonight's game. Regardless of who wins, Tom Crean will cut down the nets either because he beat Michigan twice or because he beat a Georgetown team that beat Louisville.