Appleby? Not so fast.

It seems like the hype has built up for Austin Appleby to be Purdue's quarterback over the last few months.

I agreed for a least, I did until Darrell Hazell put Danny Etling into a 1A spot with Rob Henry. Henry is the starter as of now, but in today's spring game (where QBs were live the entire time) Etling looked sharp, poised, and generally comfortable out there. Some of you will say that you can't take much away from a spring game. That's probably true. However, Appleby looked a little slower and missed quite a few throws. Etling showed some speed and made some plays to get away from the pass rush.

I'm starting to become convinced that Etling will be Purdue's quarterback. The guy is ahead of his years and probably doesn't need a redshirt like some seem to believe he does.

I'll put a poll in this FanPost to answer a question that will be a nagging one until football season arrives:
Who will start for Purdue in 2013 at QB?

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