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Tuesday Deadline To Buy E`Twaun Moore Tickets

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The second Purdue night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse is March 19.


In two weeks E`Twaun Moore will come home to Bankers Life Fieldhouse as his Orlando Magic will face the Pacers. After a decent start the Magic have fallen off of a cliff to 16-44, going a paltry 4-31 after starting 12-13. That's about as rough as it comes.

Smooge has seen his playing time in crease, however, earning the first 16 starts of his NBA career. He is up to 8.8 points per game in 53 games played after missing a short time with a minor injury. Smooge is still playing for a longer, more permanent contract, and so far he is doing well. He's also averaging 3.1 assists per game and had a career high 18 points three times. He's shooting over 36% from three.

Like the deal with Carl Landry, tickets can be purchased at this link for E`Twaun (the same password: Purdue). There is supposed to be a pregame event where Smooge comes out courtside and can do a brief signing before armups. Carl was to do the same, but did not. Here is the explanation I got from my ticket rep for the Pacers:

I would like to again apologize for our event on Tuesday. This is the first time I have had and issue coordinating with a player. Personally I will take responsibility for this, promoting something that was wasn't able to deliver. I know we had a few fans that were disappointed. Like I said on Tuesday I am working with the warriors on trying to put together a make good for those that had ordered tickets. hopefully I will have an answer soon than later. I hope the game was still enjoyable despite our issue.

My contact said it was at the player's discretion after the pregame meeting, so hopefully Smooge can come out on the 19th. Tickets for this event must be purchased by tomorrow, March 5, to take advantage of this deal.

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased in advance. I hope you enjoy the game. I had several people wave at me and thank me last Tuesday for the Warriors game.