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More Details on the Hammer & Rails Transition

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For those wondering about this change and perhaps skeptical of it.

Hostile takeovers are not really that common in the blogging world and so anyone who is floating rumors of the sort needs to just calm down a bit. If you really want to know what happened, we can walk you through it. One thing you've probably come to expect of us if you're a regular reader over at BS is that we usually share everything we know and hide nothing. So here's the deal.

To be frank, Travis has had more than his share of run-ins with Purdue University and, specifically, the athletic department. I won't name names here because there's no reason to get us in any deeper, but certain individuals within the athletic department found fault with everything T did. Fair or not, this impacted H&R's (and by extension, SBNation's) ability to effectively cover Purdue sports.

Enter us Brutus-like, mother-humpers. (No, not really.) (Okay, maybe a little.)

We knew of the trials and tribulations of Travis and the Purdue staff. So when it became apparent that he had too much on his plate and was fast making too many enemies at Purdue, we stepped in and offered our assistance to SBNation. Sure, we ruffle some feathers sometimes, but even we hadn't stepped on as many toes as Travis had.

They responded with an eagerness not seen since Travis' first date with the missus. Travis will cede his duties here effective this week and we will take over -- again, for now.