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It's Been a Pleasure, Everyone

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Travis says farewell.

Some might say I can be a bit verbose at times. This is not going to be one of those times, though. I've loved you all and, most of all, I've loved Purdue sports. Along with Miami sports and Kokomo HS, these are my true passions -- besides my wife and unborn child, obviously.

I can't think of more handsome replacements for me than the boys from Boiled Sports. I may not always have agreed with everything they've said, but I do know they'll make this site fantastic. Thanks, fellas, for taking over my baby.

I hope to still make the occasional appearance now and then. But until then, fare thee well and Boiler Up. And remember, this isn't goodbye. Goodbyes are too hard -- like Rob's final goodbye or the end of All Dogs Go to Heaven. This is just.... see you later.

All my golden heart,