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Site News: Changes Coming to H&R

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Travis Miller to retire from his day-to-day duties at H&R. For the time being, the staff of Boiled Sports will assume responsibility for this here site.


There’s never an easy, non-awkward way to explain this sort of a change, so we’ll just explain it as best we can. Travis Miller is going to wrap up his time here at the site in very short order and for the time being, we’ll be taking the reins as far as direction, tone, coverage, staffing, etc. Sure, you could have heard all this from the bosses at SBN, but Purdue blogging is nothing if not….unpredictable? I don’t know, not sure of the right words.

Reasons are multi-fold. As you know, Travis is expecting a child soon (no official confirmation yet on whether it’s he or his wife who are preggers) and between that and his obligations covering high school sports, it’s time for an adjustment of priorities.

We’ve been in touch over the years with the powers that be at SB Nation about moving to their platform but once Travis developed his site and his following, we decided to remain stubbornly independent. In recent months, it just looked to us like the time was right to re-approach SBN and offer our services. They obliged, so here we are.

What will change? We’re not sure yet. We’ll try to spruce things up here and there, and of course we’ll have to devote some time to evaluating the litany of writers that are currently on staff.

More to come. For now, carry on as usual.