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2013 NCAA Tournament: Friday Sweet 16 Open Thread

2013 NCAA Tournament: Friday Sweet 16 Open Thread


The Big Ten has two more teams in action tonight, one playing right here in the heart of Big Ten country with Michigan State playing at Lucas Oil Stadium. We also have FGCU back in action against Florida. Here are my thoughts on tonight's games:

Oregon vs. Louisville - Oregon was criminally underseeded, but Louisville has looked every bit the part of a number 1 overall seed. They've been the best team through two games. Playing close to home with Oregon coming from the other side of the country is big.

Michigan vs. Kansas - Both of these teams are capable of blowing the other out, mostly because they can look really good or really bad. So far, Michigan has looked really good while Kansas barely got by Western Kentucky and North Carolina. The roles could easily switch.

Michigan St. vs. Duke - Is this where we remember where Duke was not that good all season? Michigan State has been business-like through its first two games, but so has Duke. This might be the best game of the four tonight.

Florida Gulf Coast vs. Florida - There is no way we get a 15 seed into a regional final, right? Well, FGCU has been the most fun 15 seed ever to watch, so enjoy the ride. By the time they tip off they will be one of just 1 of 10 teams left with a chance at winning the title. No one saw that.