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2013 NCAA Tournament: Thursday Sweet 16 Open Thread

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Four games will decide four Sweet 16 teams tonight.


The NCAA Tournament gets back in full swing tonight with four Sweet 16 games. The sister team of the blog, Miami, goes into action without center Reggie Johnson. A mid-major will assure itself of an Elite 8 berth, and two more Big Ten teams battle for the possible all-Big Ten Final Four.

Some thoughts on each game:

Miami vs. Marquette - What will the Hurricanes be like without Reggie Johnson? He was held scoreless in the Round 2 win over Illinois and they got by, but he is a big presence in the middle.

Arizona vs. Ohio State - Most people are already penciling Ohio State in Atlanta. They were supposed to make it to Houston with ease two years ago but tripped in the Sweet 16. This team does have a tournament pedigree after making last season's Final Four.

Indiana vs. Syracuse - If Indiana is hot from outside they win in a walk, as they can shoot over the zone all night. If they aren't hot, Syracuse can clamp down on Zeller and allow their bigger guards to defend the perimeter. It should be interesting to see how the coaches respond to each other here.

Wichita State vs. LaSalle - Once my team is out I love mid-majors, especially if they can crash the Final Four party. This should be a fun game, as a week ago at this time few were picking either of these teams to win a game. Now one is guaranteed to be a step from the Final Four.

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