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2013 NCAA Women's Tournament: Purdue Vs. Louisville GameThread

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The Purdue Women's Basketball team has a true road game despite being a higher seed in Round 2.


Technically, Purdue has the higher seed in tonight's second round game of the NCAA Tournament with the Louisville Cardinals, but in reality it is a true road game. Purdue has to beat the Cardinals at Louisville's KFC YUM! Center, which is a tricky task.

Both teams sport an identical 25-8 records and haven't faced each other this year, but a recent national runner-up finish has given Louisville more recent success. Louisville beat Middle Tennessee State 74-49 to get to this game. Thei best regular season win was beating Texas A&M to start the season.

So this is the place to talk about this. A win by Purdue sends them to Oklahoma City for the Sweet 16 and a nearly impossible task against Baylor, but you at least have to give it a shot. Britney Greiner and Baylor have been virtually unbeatable for two years, so tonight is very likely the last chance at a Purdue victory.

The game is on ESPN at 7:10pm.