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CBI Tournament Scores: Santa Clara 86, Purdue 83 Postgame Vent Thread

Purdue finishes the 2012-13 season with a dud.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the embarrassing events of this season, this one may be the worst. I admit that I did not see a single second of tonight's game, but I don't need to. Purdue gave up 86 points in Mackey Arena to a mid-major that lost twice to an awful Loyola Marymount team. It has never been acceptable to give up 86 points to anyone. It wasn't acceptable to give up 97 to Indiana earlier this season and they were the number 1 team in the country for a good portion of the season.

Santa Clara shot nearly 50% from the field, over 40% from three, and got to the free throw line 28 times. AJ. Hammons, a 7-foot center with talent that can be dominating, had three points and four rebounds against a team that had one player his size that only played 15 minutes. Purdue hit one three-pointer, at home, a game after it shot extremely well from long range. Kevin Foster was "hitting everything", but was still below 50% from the field and was 3 of 9 from long range. He had the dagger three that was supposedly closely guarded, but he doesn't score 34 points without some really poor defense. Deshaun Thomas is a much better scorer than some guy no one has ever heard of and Purdue still held him to 22 points.

Folks, the numbers don't lie. Giving up 86 points TO ANYONE has never been acceptable and should never be acceptable under any circumstances in Mackey Arena. It is "Defense Lives Here", not "Defense Lives Here unless the other team is shooting well." If they are hitting, change something, anything. It is inexcusable to give up that many points, especially to a mid-major that wasn't even tournament worthy.

To close, here is a smattering a tweets from tonight.

Yes, we sucked for even playing in the tournament and losing in it is even more of an embarrassment, What more do you want? I thought we were so insignificant we weren't worth mentioning and only Purdue fans were obsessing talking about you when we weren't playing. It's not like we weren't aware this wasn't an embarrassing season and we were talking it up as the greatest thing in human history, unlike, say, Victor Oladipo hitting a wide open three-pointer with his team leading and it being the most clutch shot in the history of the game of basketball.

That's exactly the right thing to say, but it means nothing unless you back it up with action.

I agree with you 100%, Terone. Nothing is given. If you're not going to play hard, leave. We don't want you here. Period.

Very sad if true. Unfortunately, it has been a theme observed by many this year for very long stretches. At least Ronnie Johnson and Terone Johnson fought hard at the end. That effort needs to be infectious.

I do not doubt that the talent is there, but when Painter himself commented after the Big Ten tournament that effort was an issue you know it is a problem. Talent means nothing without effort and cohesion, and right now Purdue has a very long way to go to have its effort and results match its potential.