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2013 NCAA Tournament: Saturday Open Thread

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It's a busy day as 8 Sweet Sixteen berths will be handed out.


What a day yesterday! At least one of every seed has now reached the Round of 32 except for a 16 seed, and two of them lost by single digits in games that were within a possession in the final few minutes. It's made for quite the exciting tournament.

It all continues today too. We have one of the most exciting games of the tournament to start the day in VCU against Michigan. Gonzaga, perhaps the most vulnerable 1 seed, is in action, but has had the road to the Elite 8 plowed via upsets if they win today.

I am also live courtside at the Indiana State Finals and will be updating that Story Stream throughout the day. Purdue has expressed an interest in players in the 2A game for Bowman Academy (Justin King and Davon Dillard), Greensburg in the 3A game (Ryan Welage), and Cathedral in the 4A game (No. 1 rated played in the 2014 class Jalen Coleman).