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2013 NCAA Tournament: Thursday Open Thread

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Even though Purdue is not playing, let's talk NCAA Tournament on the greatest day in sports.


Today and tomorrow are the greatest days in sports. You get 32 games in roughly 36 hours of high stakes basketball as everyone has an equal shot of winning the NCAA Tournament. We pray for the joy that a 16 over 1 upset would bring, cheer for underdogs, mock rivals, supports our conferences, and generally enjoy an orgy of basketball.

Sadly, Purdue is not competing in this year's NCAA Tournament, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy it. I have been told there are plenty of seats left on the Miami Hurricanes bandwagon if you're looking for a tough team that plays hard, can shoot from three, and has a solid big man. There is always Butler to support as well, since they play the game the right way.

My interests are as follows:

1. Miami

2. Butler

3-8. Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio State in no order.

9. Valparaiso (for state pride)

10-63. Anyone else

64. Indiana

So let's have some fun here. Let's talk basketball all afternoon. I have already finished work for the day, so I am free.