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2013 CBI Tournament: Purdue Accepts Bid

The 2012-13 Purdue basketball season will continue in the College Basketball Invitational.

Not so fast. The Purdue season is not over yet.
Not so fast. The Purdue season is not over yet.
Jonathan Daniel

It is a flat out embarrassment that Purdue had to settle for the CBI Tournament, a third-tier tournament even behind the NIT, but there is still some basketball to be played. The Boilermakers will have at least one more game as they have accepted a bid to play in the 2013 College Basketball Invitational. This tournament has a stronger field than usual this year, as 11 smaller conference schools made the NIT via automatic bid thanks to winning their conference's regular season title, but another team stole their automatic bid.

Purdue is not the lone major conference team in the tournament. The Texas Longhorns have also accepted a bid. The Vermont Catamounts, Houston Cougars, and Bryant Bulldogs have also already accepted a bid. It's an embarrassing third tier tournament that may be seen on a channel no one gets, but we're playing in it. We might as well go out and try to win it. Teams in the past have used this as a springboard to bigger and better things, so Purdue needs to do the same.

As far as matchups, I know a few. Houston and Texas will play each other. College of Charleston and George Mason are rumored to play each other. This full list of teams is here.