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2013 NCAA Tournament: Printable Bracket Is Right Here

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Track the 2013 NCAA Tournament even though Purdue is not in it.


Purdue may not be in the NCAA Tournament, but I know everyone will be watching come Thursday when the tournament gets going in earnest. The Full printable bracket can be found right here for your use. Also, if you haven't already, joining the Hammer & Rails Tournament Challenge group. The winner gets a free H&R shirt from the T-shirt store.

Since I did not get to watch the Selection Show while driving back from Kokomo, here are some random, off-the-cuff thoughts:

  • Oregon is a 12 seed? What?
  • Everyone says that Indiana has an easy road to Atlanta, but Syracuse's zone can be very effective against them and Miami ‘s Reggie Johnson against Cody Zeller would be a fascinating battle.
  • Bucknell-Butler in a 6/11 game is a hard pick because I thought Bucknell would be a dangerous 12. Butler getting a second win over Indiana to go to a third Final Four in four years would be pretty fun.
  • Marquette will not survive the first weekend. This is a fact.
  • South Dakota State will upset Michigan
  • Akron/VCU is basically saying a giant finger from the committee to mid-majors.
  • Look for the Boise State/LaSalle winner to beat Kansas State.
  • Brandon Wood has the difficult task of picking a school since he played for both Valparaiso and Michigan State.
  • This is going to be a deliciously fun tournament if anyone other than Indiana wins it all. Otherwise, it is going to be a living hell.
  • My pick to win is still Indiana. They are the best team and when they are humming on all cylinders they can't be beaten. The committee even did them a favor by putting them on the other side of the bracket.