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Selection Sunday 2013: Your Open Thread

It's busiest basketball day of the year!

Jonathan Daniel

There is a lot going on today even it is the first Selection Sunday since 2006 that Purdue is not really a part of the process:

  • The Big Ten Tournament final is in Chicago between Wisconsin and Ohio State
  • The conference itself is going for a record eight bids. It likely has six locked, but Minnesota and Iowa could be on the edge. Minnesota probably feels better than Iowa.
  • There are also finals in the SEC, Atlantic 10, and ACC, but no one is expected to steal a last minute bid. The field is likely set with all 8 teams today solidly in the field.
  • Does Louisville pass Indiana for the spot coming through Indianapolis on the way to the Final Four? If so, expect much wailing a gnashing of teeth in the state.
  • Does Miami or Ohio State pass Duke for the fourth No. 1 seed if they win today?
  • Does Purdue accept a CBI bid?

So, let's talk about it all here today. I have baby shower duty up in Kokomo, which will likely consist of me parking myself at Buffalo Wild Wings and watching basketball.