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2013 Big Ten Tournament: Day 3 Open Thread

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Talk about the Big Ten Tournament Semifinals here.


The last four left standing in the Big Ten Tournament are the four best teams in the Big Ten. now we get a fatal four-way to decide the winner. Had Jordan Morgan's putback not rolled off the rim last week it is possible today would have been the way to solve a four-way tie in the league. Instead, we get two really, really good semifinal games.

At 1:40pm on CBS you get Indiana and Wisconsin. The Hoosiers won the conference title outright, but Wisconsin owns them of late and won in Bloomington. I am sure that if the Badgers win again Tom Crean will complain about the hostile road environment in Chicago and early tipoff time.

The second game is Michigan State-Ohio State round three. The pair split their regular season games and played a pretty good game in last year's tourney final. The Spartans and Buckeyes are playing for a two seed and a very outside chance at a 1 seed if Duke falls off of the top line. Indiana, Gonzaga, and Louisville have to have 1 seeds locked up, but Duke's loss to Maryland could open the door for the winner of today's second semifinal to take the fourth No. 1 seed.