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2013 Big Ten Tournament: Day 2 Thread

Even though Purdue is out we're still talking Big Ten Tournament.


Even though Purdue has been eliminated we're still talking Big Ten Tournament. Today is the most exciting day usually, as the big guns start playing and the underdogs trying to secure an NCAA Tournament bid (looking at you, OMHR), need to make a statement. Today we have six locks to the NCAA Tournament playing (Illinois most likely locked themselves yesterday), a Bubble team in Iowa, and one spoiler that wants to watch the world burn in Nebraska.

So for the first session today we have Illinois against Indiana in a game where most Fighting Illini fans seem to have a ton of residual hate over Eric Gordon and his glorious first-round exit for the Hoosiers. After that it is Wisconsin against a Michigan team that finally looked impressive against Penn State. Of all the really good teams in the league Michigan has the most to prove, going just 2-5 against the top four of the league.

So kick back and relax. Joe is once against courtside. Since he was kind enough to fill in for me this weekend I think we should support his Illini.