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Super Bowl XLVII: Boiler Bernard Pollard Wins Ring

Bernard Pollard becomes the latest boilermaker to win a Super Bowl ring.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, Purdue boasts of a player that is a Super bowl champion. Bernard Pollard was Purdue's only representative in this Super Bowl, but a Boilermaker has been a part of every Super Bowl for several years in a row now. Of course, Drew Brees was the most recent Boiler to have a big role in Super Bowl XLIV by winning the MVP Award there. The most recent Super bowl winner was Mike Neal, who was on injured reserve with the Packers two years ago.

Pollard joins the following list of Boilers with Super Bowl rings:

Mike Alstott

Drew Brees (was also MVP)

Dave Butz (Twice!)

Rosevelt Colvin (Twice!)

Len Dawson (was also MVP)

Tim Foley (Twice!)

Gilbert Gardner

Brandon Gorin (Twice!)

Bob Griese (Twice!)

Matt Light (Three Times!)

Mike Neal

David Nugent

Chucky Okobi

Jim Schwantz

John Standeford

Hank Stram (Coach)

Keena Turner (Four Times!)

Rod Woodson

Jeff Zgonina

Congratulations, Bernard on being the 20th different Boiler with a Super Bowl ring!