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Iowa 58, Purdue 48: More Of The Same Postgame Vent Thread

Purdue shot poorly and lost yet again because of it.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Byrd and Terone Johnson played well against Northwestern and Purdue won by almost 30 points. TJ was scoreless against Iowa (he was hampered with an ankle injury) and Byrd did not get going until hitting a few threes in the second half, but had only 11 points, all in the second half.

We all know this by now. Purdue only has a chance when TJ and DJ are playing well. If not, they have no chance, even when a team, like Iowa tonight, shoots poorly. Purdue still had a chance down only 6 with about a minute and a half left before Josh Oglesby ended a miserable offensive game for both teams with a corner three.

So, here is your postgame venting thread. We can at least be heartened by the fact that the freshmen played well and will only get better. Ronnie Johnson had a very nice 10 point, six assist game (six turnovers, however), Donnie Hale had 13, and A.J Hammons had 12 and 9 while in foul trouble.

The NIT dreams are gone, and some time two weeks from now the 2012-13 will be put out of its misery.