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BREAKING NEWS: Jim Bollman Leaves Purdue For Michigan State

Thanks for Dan Monteroso, I guess?

The Bollman offense?

Well, Darrell Hazell has had his first coaching defection. Jim Bollman, the former offensive coordinator at Ohio State and current former offensive line coach at Purdue has already left after about 30 days and jumped ship to be offensive coordinator at Michigan State:

It's unclear at the moment if Bollman will be the offensive coordinator, but this is Mark Dantonio going all-out on Tresselball. Bollman was Tressel's OC in Columbus, and Mark Dantonio spent some time as DC. Bollman and Dantonio also spent time under Tressel at Youngstown State and under Nick Saban at MSU.

So I guess this guy is trying to coach at all 12 14 Big Ten schools. With two Big Ten jobs in less than a year that's B1Gamy!

Also, Ohio State fans are basically saying that he is doing Purdue a favor by leaving for the Spartans.

Thanks, I think?

The net gain is wide receiver Dan Monteroso, who decommitted from Boston College and signed with Purdue when Bollman came over from BC.