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Purdue 74, Northwestern 43: WE DANCE WITH JOY Postgame Thread

That sensation you feel is a win! We borrow from The Only Colors and dance with joy!

It's either a really good night or a really bad night when the true freshman walk-on gets his first career points. Well, tonight it was a good one. Stephen Toyra got two points from the line late, everyone played, and four guys reached double figures. I don't think it is a coincidence that D.J. Byrd and Terone Johnson got things going offensively and Purdue looked really, really good.

Yes, it was a win over a depleted Northwestern team that struggles to score points of late, but it was a win, period. Now Purdue has something positive to build on and it looks like Purdue still has a chance of reaching the postseason somewhere.

So here is your postgame thread. Feel free to do the Dance of Joy as any victory, let alone a 31 point victory, over anyone looked very unlikely for most of the past few weeks. Let's just enjoy this one.