MBB players have no heart. Painter needs to go.

I'm pissed. I've seen bad Purdue teams. I've supported bad Purdue teams. HOWEVER, I have NEVER seen a team wear Purdue jerseys and have so little heart.

Some people are going to say the Painter comment is a knee-jerk reaction, but I have frankly never been a big fan. I thought he was a good coach that got labeled (wrongly) as a great coach due to one outstanding recruiting class. It was an all time great class, but let's not forget that he had a chance to recruit them while he WAS NOT the head coach. He spent a year as an assistant coach which allowed him not to worry about balancing coaching and recruiting.

Since then, he has not had a single class be anything to write home about, and now... we are paying for it. We have been bad this year. We would have been bad last year if it wasn't for a Hummel injury that gave us a bonus year, but being bad is not the issue. Having a team that has no heart is. It's embarrassing and it is Painter's fault.

Painter recruited players that were immature.

Painter recruited players that can't shoot (even though we run a motion offense) ((oh and our only real shooter is graduating))

Painter recruited players that are "tough" and "defensive oriented" and now we can't score enough to win. (Oh and our defense has been horrible too)

Painter recruited players that haven't gotten better.

Our issues may be player oriented, but Painter is the one who made them Purdue players. And all of this would be fine, but then he flirted with leaving to Mizzou and got a huge payday. If he wants to be paid like an elite coach, then it better result in elite teams on the floor, but at the very least: it should result in a team that gives a damn.

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