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Big Ten Expansion: North Carolina And Virginia Offered OH GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

This conference expansion crap needs to be stopped.

Grant Halverson

The headline is correct. A Maryland site is now reporting that North Carolina and possibly Virginia could be headed to the Big Ten. Why? Because the Big Ten office is F*^%ing stupid, that's why. Jeff Ermann, who led the way when Maryland jumped on board, is saying that UNC has an offer:

If North Carolina has an offer a 16th team can't be far behind. Last month the 15th team was mentioned as Virginia:

After going to several different places on the Interwebs, it looks like Virginia is set to become team 15 in the Big Ten, maybe as early as Monday morning, with either North Carolina or Georgia Tech team 16.

Adding Virginia and North Carolina keeps the door open for 20 if the conference is going to keep going, leaving Georgia tech and the Atlanta market open. If North Carolina is the only team being offered that would get rid of the contiguous states thing that the league has long been hung up on.

I think I speak for everyone when I say DEAR GOD! JUST STOP ALREADY! This is really getting ridiculous at this point and it is nothing more than a money grab that is eventually going to blow up. At least Purdue is in a conference that is a buyer and not a seller (or poachee, really). No conference should be more than 12 members and going to 16 is WAAAAAAAAAAYYY too big.

Don't tell that to Diamond Jim Delaney, though.