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Indiana 83, Purdue 55: Your Postgame Vent Thread

As expected, the Hoosiers got an easy win over the Boilers.


While we wait for Steve to do the Game Wrap later (I am covering a high school game tonight) here is your thread for postgame venting. Early on it looked as if the unmerciful beating we were expecting, but for the first time in ages it looked as if Purdue showed a little heart and some fight. They got it to 37-27 and had the ball. The halftime lead was only 12 and Victor Oladipo, only the possible best player in the country, was out.

Then we repeated the second half in Mackey.

Some quick observations:

  • D.J. Byrd needs to be done as a starter. Bring him off the bench, but it is time to go young.
  • Maybe the light is going on for Sandi Marcius, as he has played well in two straight games.
  • Hammons is only as good as how much his give-a-shit is turned on.
  • Things were at least slightly better today, but there is an incredibly long way to go.