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Illinois 79, Purdue 59: Painter Gets Tossed Video

Matt Painter has finally had enough.

Well, we have been asking for it all season. People have questioned coach Matt Painter's lack of fire at many points this season. Well, you got what you swished for tonight. With 8:08 left in the game coach Painter finally had enough and snapped, earning himself a technical. He got his money's worth, earning a second technical and the first coach ejection since Gene Keady was roaming the sidelines. Even then, I can't remember the last time Keady got ejected.

Let's face it: it was the lone highlight in an otherwise listless game where Purdue had multiple chances to get the lead under four midway through the first half, the Fighting Illini pushed it to nine, and that was about that. I think this ejection was the culmination of a season's worth of frustration boiling over into one tirade.

Consider this your postgame vent thread until Steve does the game wrap. As for Saturday, I advise finding something else to do, preferably out of state, if Purdue continues to play with so little effort, because they'll likely lose by 50 then.

Thanks to BTN for the video.