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O.J. Ross Suspended Indefinitely

O.J. Ross gets an indefinite suspension for the second time in his career.


Is O.J. Ross the latest 4-star or better Purdue football player to not pan out? It is starting to look that way. For the second time in his career Ross has been suspended indefinitely:


This is the second time Ross has been suspended, as he missed last year's bowl game and even had his scholarship revoked after some academic issues. Now this is the dreaded "unspecified violation of team rules", which could be anything.

Ross was Purdue's top returning receiver after catching 56 passes for 454 yards and two scores. In 2011 he caught 33 pass for 356 yards and three scores, with 11 catches for 149 yards and a score in 2010. That leaves him with 110 receptions for 959 yards and six TDs. he's also been a kick returner in the past.

Unfortunately, those are low numbers based on his expectations as one of Purdue's few four-star recruits. If he doesn't play again he will join Ken Plue, Al-Terek McBurse, Selwyn Lymon, and the infamous Kyle Williams as players that were highly rated, but left eligibility on the table before leaving Purdue. In fact, Purdue has had just two four-star recruits that played four years since 2005: Jeff Lindsay and Robert Marve.