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Boilermakings Is Coming Out Of Hiding

Purdue Sports news, notes, and links for 2/1

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you're like me, you avoided much of Twitter, ESPN, and anything else yesterday, especially the ESPN article glorifying basketball int he state of Indiana that glossed over the state's love affair with high school basketball entirely. Fortunately, it is only a game. It is over, and Purdue has another chance to redeem themselves in two weeks. Sure, I expect it to be a loss in Bloomington, but as long as it is not as bad as it was in West Lafayette it is a sign of improvement. Indiana is held to a much higher standard of success anyway.

In the meantime, let's shake it off with some other news:

Our friend J money is an avid Rangers fan, so he would be interested in New York Rangers Tickets.

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The same is true for Boston Bruins Ticket.

The Top 298 for 2013 « College Baseball Today
Still a high rating for Purdue baseball in the top 298.

Purdue basketball notes post-Indiana/pre-Northwestern - Michael Osipoff: The Wisdom of Oz
Some good quotes from Coach Painter here after the debacle of Wednesday.

Basketball Rivalry Trophies: Why Not? - Off Tackle Empire
There are a lot of football rivalry trophies, but very few basketball ones. Why? Should there be more bball trophies?

Indiana v. Purdue: the recent and distant history. - The Crimson Quarry
The Hoosiers have won two in a row against Purdue. Can it continue?

Big Ten Baseball: The Match Ups You Don't Want To Miss - Corn Nation
What are the games you won't want to miss? We got 'em right here!

Bracketology: Finally, the top seed shakeup arrives -
After a week where numerous contenders lost, Duke's stranglehold on the top overall spot in Chris Dobbertean's Tuesday projection is finally broken. Arizona also lost its place among the top four with Florida edging Indiana for the final No. 1 seed.