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2013 Big Ten Championship Game: Saturday GameThread

Talk about all of the action on the final college football Saturday of the year right here.


It is championship Saturday and there is plenty of college football going on in addition to our Boilermaker basketball action at 2 p.m. The Big Ten championship game gets underway here in Indy at around 8 p.m, but there are plenty of other games going on with the SEC title game at 4pm and the ACC going on at 8pm as well. The Pac-12 has their title game at 7:45 pm.

Of interest to Purdue fans is if the Big Ten gets a second BCS bowl berth, as it would mean a larger bowl payday for every team in the conference. Since Northern Illinois blew their shot last night it seems very likely that both Michigan State and Ohio State will head to a BCS bowl after tonight regardless of outcome. Michigan State is likely going to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl regardless, while Ohio State goes to the title game with a win and another BCS bowl with a loss.