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DOUBLE GAMETHREAD! Purdue-Butler Basketball AND Purdue-Wisconsin Volleyball

Both Purdue basketball and volleyball have huge games at the same time, so let us congregate here.

Andy Lyons

This evening you get two game threads for the price of one as Purdue and Butler face each other in the 2013 Crossroads Classic, while Purdue and Wisconsin battle in Champaign for a spot in the women's volleyball Final Four.

I am courtside in Indianapolis, as I was credentialed for today's Crossroads Classic. As expected, it is going to be a virtual road game as bitter Indiana fans, fresh off a 79-72 loss to Notre Dame, hang around cheering for Butler. Purdue was welcomed tot he floor with a rousing chorus of boos.

Fortunately, the ladies won't have the same problem in Champaign. They take on Wisconsin at 6:30 on ESPNU, while the basketball Boilers are on Big Ten Network.

Time to warm up your channel-changing thumbs!

Projected Starters

Purdue Boilermakers (8-2)

Butler Bulldogs (7-2)

Terone Johnson - Sr.

Kellen Dunham - So.

Ronnie Johnson - So.

Alex Barlow - Jr.

Kendall Stephens - Fr.

Kameron Woods - Jr.

Basil Smotherman - Fr.

Khyle Marshall - Sr.

Jay Simpson - Fr.

Erik Fromm - Sr.

Series with Purdue:

Purdue leads 37-16 (our most played non-conference series)