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Iowa At Purdue 2013: H&R Staff Predictions

The staff of Hammer & Rails picks tomorrow's game with Iowa.

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Most of the staff responded with a pick this week. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but at least it will be entertaining:

Zach (PUBoilingPoints)

I've yet to submit a prediction for this season, mostly because submitting a prediction makes me think about Purdue football more than one day a week, and I just have the required anti-depressants for that.

Anyway, I figure I'll give it a shot this week. Maybe my prediction is the missing ingredient to Purdue's success?
I know nothing about Iowa, but I do know Kirk Ferentz punted from inside the "field goal range" ESPN line last weekend. Also I know Kirk Ferentz is .... Kirk Ferentz, so I'm actually expecting this to be a close one. Iowa did hang 59 points on Western Michigan earlier this season, which is more than Purdue has scored in any three game stretch COMBINED this year. Still, in the battle of incompetence I pick the BOILERMAKERS because A) I'm hopelessly optimistic regarding Purdue football and B) We're wearing American flag P's on our helmet.

Purdue may suck, but America perseveres. Boilers 24, Hawkeyes 17.

Juan Crespo

I think neither one of these offenses will make progress on Saturday. But I do think Purdue will end up in the end zone, just in the wrong one. But hey, it's progress. Purdue 0, Iowa 2

Paul Branham, Pilot, Boilermaker Special VII

*sigh* As much as I'd love to say that we're going to see some exciting football this weekend, I have no supporting evidence for that claim. Unless you choose to believe that I'm referring to almost any other match-up of FBS teams this week, except maybe Illinois vs Indiana. At least there will be offense in that game. Supposedly. This princess slap fight, however, will probably go down something like this...

First Quarter:



Second Quarter:



Third Quarter



Fourth Quarter



Iowa 28, Purdue 17

Thomas Chapman

Iowa 31 Purdue 7
Optimism is at an all time low. Iowa 31 Purdue 7


I like to think that after a brutal stretch of opponents Purdue would have a chance to win tomorrow. I think the defense can play well against an Iowa offense that has been middling at best recently, but it all comes back to Purdue's offense. It is not just bad, it is historically bad.

Even if the defense holds the Hawkeyes to 20 points, something that is very realistic, are we confident the offense can score 21 needed to win? Purdue has gone three games without even reaching the red zone. I can't think of a football team that has ever gone that long without reaching the red zone. The lone score in that time was a long TD pass from Danny Etling to DeAngelo Yancey against Nebraska's scout team.

As we have seen, Purdue can't even score on bad defenses. Iowa's defense is certainly better than the like of Indiana State and NIU. Basically, the Boilers have to play as we have not seen all year. In order to win. Iowa 17, Purdue 3