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Purdue At Indiana 2013: H&R Staff Picks

The staff of Hammer & Rails picks a grim Bucket game.

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It was rough getting some picks this week due tot he holiday, or the fact that Purdue is terrible. Still, we soldier on until the end.

Juan Crespo

Wait, we're still playing football?

Thomas Chapman

It only took me the whole season to start realizing I need to trust Vegas more.

IU is a 20.5 point favorite this week. If I'm being objective, I can't even pretend that we are going to win. It's a rivalry, we have a chance (cue Vietnam flashbacks, we see Purdue putting up a fight against Notre Dame), but lets be real. Can we put up 21 points? Yeah, I guess, maybe. IU doesn't have much of a homefield advantage, but you don't need one against Purdue this year. The Boilers haven't scored more than 24 points ONCE this year (scored 24 twice, ND and NIU).

A "good" day for the Purdue offense will be 28 points, and by "good" I mean excellent. Purdue fans: it is what it is. This is it for the year. After Saturday, we can go right back to hoping for success next year. But until then, let's just take covering the spread as a victory. Indiana 42, Purdue 21


I want to pick Purdue here. I really do. I want to think the offense has a big day against a putrid Indiana defense. There is no reason it cannot except for the fact I have seen 11 games worth of the 2013 Purdue offense. It has been bad in all 11 games, not managing more than 24 points and often failing at the most basic of tasks even against bad defenses like Indiana State and Illinois. Purdue's defense is going to have a difficult time keeping the Hoosiers under 40 points. I am almost positive that the Purdue cannot score 40 points. Indiana 52, Purdue 24