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Purdue At Indiana 2013: A Q&A With Crimson Quarry

JustAJ of Crimson Quarry is salivating over an excellent chance to get the Bucket back.


Our Final Q&A of the season features Adam, a.k.a. JustAJ of SBNation's Crimson Quarry. Adam is the new manager over at the site of our rivals and has done a great job of taking over since John stepped down. He even got a College World Series appearance out of it. Here is what he had to say in advance of Saturday's game:

T-Mill: Indiana seems to have mastered the two QB system. How much will we see Roberson as the change of pace guy over Sudfeld?

Adam: Oh we've far from mastered the two quarterback system. Yeah, it shows up every game and works a lot of the time, but to suggest we've mastered it means it works consistently and the transition is smooth. That it very much isn't. We're usually a good 3 drives to late when one of the guys doesn't have it and it still takes a drive or two to take. However, you will see both Roberson and Sudfeld. Roberson probably not until late in the third quarter or in the red zone. It really just depends how Nate is succeeding early.

T-Mill: It is year three of Kevin Wilson and still no bowl. If Purdue pulls the upset will there be heat on him next season?

Adam: If Purdue pulls the upset there will be plenty of heat. I mean, yeah, we're pretty bummed about the no bowl game, but it's still going to be 3 consecutive years of improvement assuming the win this weekend. I think most expected 6 wins to begin the season and if we finish at 5, it is disappointing but not the end of the world. There's still a lot of young talent around to improve into the next season.

T-Mill: The story here is a terrible Indiana defense vs. a terrible Purdue offense. Who wins the battle of the moveable object vs. the resistible force?

Adam: I'm going to say the Indiana defense wins the suckfest. Why? Because at least once a game they show some gumption and string together two to three stops. Purdue's offense hasn't really done that. They get short field scores, but I'm not sure there has been a time this year where they put together two consecutive drives since Danny Etling took the reins. (Ed. Note: We did it just once, last week we had consecutive 75yard TD drives. We just did nothing the rest of the game.)

T-Mill: What are your thoughts on Indiana getting consecutive Bucket games? Any chance they ever play one of these at Lucas Oil?

Adam: At this point, I'm feeling pretty good about consecutive buckets. Indiana fans know what a massive rebuild looks like and I don't think Purdue is going to be "back" after only one year of it. It's going to be a long slog back to where they came from. I don't think Indiana takes too big of a step backwards. Especially since, Cody Latimer's season has slowed quite a bit to end the season. I feel pretty good about him coming back for his senior year, which means we only lose 4 starters. Indiana is going to get better for a fourth year. But as to the chance that they play one of these in The Lube at some point? Never. No chance both Indiana and Purdue will be up at the same time to beat out the likes of Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and eventually Penn State. Just the nature of the beast.

T-Mill: Can we just FedEx the Bucket to you? You'll be nice and forget all those Tiller blowouts, right?

Adam: You can FedEx it if you'd like, but Indiana has a lot of frustrations they need to get off their chests. With no bowl game, Indiana really needs a game to get everyone feeling good going into the off season. That means doing our damndest to put up 100 points on Saturday. Doubt we do it, but Kevin Wilson and company are going to try.