Better Call Saul !!

Our Beloved Boiler Gridders have finally achieved something that has eluded them all season - national recognition. Though the piece is a couple of weeks old, it still fits. Hell if the Boilers don' t want to play defense until February, I refuse to take any crap for posting a link that's a mere two weeks old. The author even broke out the classic "Purdon't" reference. Now that's good TV!!

Being associated with one of the more textured characters in an epic series like BB is rare air indeed. The "it's all good" mindset was more appropriate last year with ol' "Pollyanna with a cookie duster" under the big headset. I don't think Hazell has any illusions about things being "all good".

As I'm sure Saul would say, "Piss on the Hoosiers!!".

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