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OSU Shuts Out Purdue 56-0

Ohio State is good, Purdue is bad.

Joe Robbins

The Buckeyes romp in West Lafayette leaves the Boilers as back -to-back shutout victims, a first since 1953.

There's not really much to say that hasn't been written already this year. I contemplated subbing in a post game writeup from earlier this year and seeing if you guys noticed. Etling got sacked 6 times. Purdue couldn't run (27 yards) and they couldn't stop the run (345 yards). They got smashed and they got hurdled. It's a broken record that keeps playing and playing and no one knows when it's going to stop.

In defeat, you hope to see improvement. The team is young and inexperienced, and frankly, not very talented. But what do you take from back-to-back games in which you're outscored 70-0? The Purdue team in Game 1 and the Purdue team in Game 8 play and look the same, just with a slight change in game personnel. Purdue sits at #90 in passing yards, #119 in rushing yards, #122 in scoring, and #105 in points against. We aren't talking worst team in the Big Ten or worst team in a BCS conference. This team is arguably the worst team in the FBS this year.

At least the uniforms looked good.