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Purdue At Penn State 2013: In Tweets And Behind The Numbers

Here is what the internet had to say about Saturday's Purdue-Penn State game.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't get much of a chance to highlight these since I was pretty busy during the game, but it is still a fun feature to have. As for Behind the Numbers, let's merge it with this post, shall we. I think we need to give Danny Etling for having a career day and showing a ton of promise despite getting sacked eight times according to the box score. Etling finished with an impressive 21 of 33 passing for 223 yards and a touchdown against an interception. He also had his first career rushing TD.

Those are rather pedestrian numbers, I know, but the 63.6% completion percentage was easily his best of the season. His rating of 124.3 was also his highest along with 21 completions, and he was only 18 yards short of his season high in yardage. If we can ever get his kid an offensive line so he is not fearing for his life on every snap he is going to be a good one.